Book Summary:10-5-16

The School for Good and Evil:The Last Ever After, is the third and final book in a series. There are three main characters. Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros. Sophie is the evil witch, Agatha is the good princess, and Tedros is the loyal prince. Agatha and Tedros were meant to be together from the start, but Sophie wanted to keep Agatha all to herself. In the end of the second book it seemed like the story had come to an end when Agatha and Tedros were reunited, but in the beginning of the third book, you soon come to a realization that everything is not what it seems.

Sophie ends up falling “in love” with the evil school master, but this could end their world as they know it. If Sophie stays with the evil school master their world could be evil for the rest of eternity. Agatha and Tedros have to sneak into the evil school and convince Sophie that this isn’t the ending she deserves. These three characters go through many adventures trying to figure out what their happy ending to their story really is. Everyone begins to question everything they thought they knew. If she decides to stay with her friends, good will remain in power and keep the stories at balance. What will she chose to do? Read the book and find out.

The Emerald Isle

cloverCreative Commons License Thomas Ba. via Compfight     This country has a population of over 4.75 million people, and 1/4 of them live in the capital. 90% of the people are Catholic, but not very many of them attend church on a regular basis. The average height of this country’s men is 5’8″, while the average height of the women is 5’5″. This country is known as Ireland. In Irish, it’s called Éire, which means the Republic of Ireland.

I would love to travel to Ireland one day because I’m part Irish. I think it would be really cool to visit a place that holds a part of my heritage. I have heard that Ireland is a very cool place, and the pictures look beautiful. It wouldn’t be hard to communicate with people there because even though their first official language is Irish, or Irish Gaelic, the main language spoken is English. One cool thing about Ireland is that along with the shamrock, the harp is also one of the countries symbols.

I think Ireland is a very interesting country that is overlooked by many people. When most people think about traveling overseas, the first thing that comes to mind is Paris or Italy, but Ireland is just as cool. If I were able to go anywhere overseas, I would want to travel to the Ireland,which also known as the Emerald Isle.


I commented on Emma’s post because I liked it. Her picture grabbed my attention, which made me want to read her poems. I liked her poem because she used some big words which made it more interesting.

Right to Rescue Services?

How many imes has a hero lost their life due to someone else’s stupid idea? People need help when they get into trouble, and the person who is saving them has to do their job and rescue them.What if these people are doing something stupid, and they know the risks they will have to face? Do you think they’ll realize they’re putting the heroes’s life in danger too?Probably not.

Some people have been warned about the dangers they will face doing something, yet they do it anyway.When people are stupid enough to do something that could potentially kill them, you would think they would be smrt enough not do do it.In the second article known as, “Why Everest”,someone said, “The body of one climber who died in 1996 still lies next to the trail on the north side.” Because the article said ths, I know that if the body is located next to a trail then people will use it, and know about it. Because people know a person died trying to climb a mountain, they were obviously aware that they could have possibly died while on the journey as well.

When people are putting their life on the line, they may need help if something goes wrong. Well who has to help them? People who are saving someone are in just as much risk as they are. People might not know this, but when they are putting their life at risk, they are putting someone else’s life in risk too. In the third article known as, “Ranger killed during rescue of climbers on Mount Rainier”, it said, “A ranger with Mount Rainier National Park died Thursday afternoon while rescuing climbers, to whom had fallen into a crevasse.” Because the article said this, I know that the person who tried to save those people died because he put himself in risk too. How do you think his family felt when they found out he died?

Sometimes when people see that there is help ready at any moment, they do stupid things. If they see there is help ready for any moment, they think they won’t get hurt, which will cause them to do something “fun”. This could cause them to endanger the lives of many other people. In the article,”helicopter rescues increasing on Everest”, someone said, “If you talk to professional or expert climbers, I think they’re quick to to dismiss the fact that hey might be influenced by the safety net of a helicopter being available for them.” This tells me that when there is a safety net, like a helicopter, people aren’t as cautious.

Having a hero to save your life is a wonderful thing. People make mistakes, and sometimes they need a person to come and save them. We are Americans, and if anyone is going to help someone in danger, it’s going to be us. But what if they have lost our trust? People who need help are putting the other person’s life in danger as well. So is it really worth it?

I think a person should not have the right to rescue services when they put themselves at risk. These people have been informed about the situation, and it’s their fault if they get hurt. Also, they could be more willing to do something stupid because help is right around the corner. This can cause the rescue people to get injured too.




Poetry Project


Loyal and loving

Family is always there

To love and to care


Concrete-Mythological Creturesimage




She is like my sister

It kills me to think what life would be like without her

Stays by my side

Together forever

Everlasting love

Ready to take on the world



Free Verse-Coaches

They are always there

watching your every move

Waitng for you to mess up

in order to help you get better

drop the piano they say

if your going too slow or not trying

without them we would be lost

no one would achieve anything


Rhyme Scheme-Superheroes

Ordinary by day,

supergeroes by night.

“Help!” People say,

then they’re on their way to fight.

They’re as stealth as a ninja,

when they come to rescue you.

See them fight the bad gyd did ya,

that’s just whatt they do.

What would we do without them?







Should kids get paid for chores?

Adults have to juggle work and taking care of their kids.Kids have to manage school and extra carricular activities.Adulds get paid for doing their job,so why shouldn’t kids get paid to do theirs?There is a disagreement between whether or not kids should get paid to do their chores.I think kids shoukd get paid for their chores because thats their job.Parents get paid for their responsibilities,so kids should get paid for theirs.
One reason I believe children should get paid for doing chores is because kids will get money so they will be able to buy what they want themslves.Children always ask their parents,”can I have this”,or,”can I have that?”If kids have their own money parents can jut tell tem to save their money up.
I also believe kids should get paid for doing chores because it’s their job.Parents have to take care of their families,and when they’re not doing that they’re at work.Kids have to go to school,and when they’re done learning they come home and do their chores.Parents get paid for going to work and doing their job,so kids should get paid for coming home and dong theirs.
Finally,a parent’s job is to make sure their kids are safe and taken care of.Part of that responsibility is making sure they are ready to be an adult themselves.Having chores will help these children accomplish this faster.If a kid wants to buy something their parents tell them to save up for it,by doing this they are teaching them how to manage their money better.They learn when it is okay to spend some money and whe they need to save some of it.
It is true though that sometimes we do jobs because we simply have to,but adults get paid for jobs too.Adults go to work and get paid in order to live their lives,which is taking care of the family.Because of his kids should get paid to live their lives of playing with toys and playing sports.
In conclusion,I believe kids should get paid for doig their chores because they will earn money,and not ask their parents for it all the time.Also parents get paid for their jobs,chores are their childs job.Finally,I believe kids should get paid for doing their job because it teachs kids how to manage their money.What do you think?Should kids recieve money for doing their chores or not?

Hurricane Katrina

What Used To Be A Neighborhood - New Orleans, LA Rob Sheridan via Compfight

Hurrican Katrina was one of the most deadliest hurricanes in American history.Nearly 1800 people lost their lives.New Orleans got hit on August 29th 2005.This hurricane was named a category three hurricane,with winds reaching up to 140 miles per hour.Hurricane Katrina hit more than just New Orleans,it hit America’s entire gulf coast!Katrina destroyed New Orleans,but not for forever.
The city of New Orleans had gotten completely demolished by Hurricane Katrina.Neighborhoods were destroyed and to top it off they got flooded as well.80% of the city’s people were left homeless and the price to repair everything was unimaginable.To repair the damages it would cost the city billions of dollars.The flooding also affected many people’s lives.Nearly 1800 people lost their lives to the tradjic Hurricane Katrina.
Katrina caused New Orleans to get a major flood.Critics started blaming people that the city flooded so badly because the levees were old and needed to be replaced,but they weren’t.Because of this the levees broke which caused the cities flooding to be worse than it should have been.The city was destroyed and many people died.The flooding from Katrina is only one of the disasters that changed people’s lives forever.
Not only did Hurricane Katrina cause major floodings,but it also caused the city of New Orleans to need help from the National Guard.Because the hurricane caused houses to collapse,homeowners got trapped inside and needed help from the National Guard to get out.One good thing that happened was that because the levees broke,the government had to replace them and the barriers got raised too!This means that now the city is safer incase something like this were to happen again.People needed help rebuilding,finding their families,and getting rid of all that water.
Hurricane Katrina destroyed many cities and New Orleans is no exception.August 29th 2005 is a day to remember with 80% of the city demolished,and flooded,with nearly 1800 deaths.The hurricane caused so much damage the National Guard had to be called in.Natural desasters are tradjic,and Hurricane Katrina was one of many that left a city in ruins.